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Goldenrod Restaurant Drive-In

Seafood Menu in Manchester, New Hampshire

When you can't decide between ice cream or seafood, choose both! Visit Goldenrod Drive-In Restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire, and pick something delicious from our seafood or ice cream menu! We are open all year for your convenience.
Prices do not include 9% NH sale tax
Served with French fries and Coleslaw
Haddock Plate $ 15.49
Strip Clam Plate $ 15.49
Belly Clam Plate $ 17.99
Shrimp Plate $ 17.99
Scallop Plate $ 17.99
Smelt Plate $ 10.99
Half & Half Plate $ 19.99
Seafood Plate $ 26.99
Chicken Tender Plate $ 9.99
Buffalo Tender Plate$ 10.49
Half Chicken Plate $ 8.99
Drumette Plate$ 9.99
Hot Turkey Sandwich
$ 6.49
Chicken Liver & Onion$ 6.99
Chicken Cutlet Plate
w/gravy or spaghetti sauce
$ 6.99
Veal Cutlet Plate
w/ gravy or spaghetti sauce
$ 7.99
Ribeye Steak Plate$ 10.49
Hamburger Plate
w/gravy and onions
$ 6.99
lobster roll — Catering Services in Manchester, NH
battered fish — Catering Services in Manchester, NH
Seafood Sandwiches
w/fries or coleslaw
$ 10.49
Fish Fillet with Cheese
w/fries or coleslaw
$ 6.29
Tuna Roll $ 4.49
Belly Clam Roll $ 10.49
Strip Clam Roll $ 9.49
Scallop Roll $ 10.49
Shrimp Roll $ 10.49

Hot Dogs & Hamburgers
Hot Dog$2.25
Chili Dog$2.75
Slaw Dog$2.75
Texasburger w/ mayo, lett, tom, onion$2.69
Pizza Burger w/ marinara & cheese$2.69
Bacon Cheeseburger$3.19
Double Cheeseburger$4.39
Hollywood pepper burger w/ cheese$2.99
Grill Cheese$2.99
Grill Cheese & Tomato$3.49
Grill Ham & Cheese$4.49
Ham Sandwich$4.25
Western or Eastern$3.49
Chicken Parmesan$6.29
Fried Chicken Sandwich w/ mayo, lett, tom, w/FF$6.29
Sliced Turkey Sandwich w/ mayo, lettuce$4.99
Grill Chicken Sandwich w/ mayo, lett, tom w/FF$6.29
Ribeye Steak Sandwich$8.49
Pepper Steak Sandwich$7.99
Club Sandwiches
served with French fries or Coleslaw
Hamburger Club$7.99
Cheeseburger Club$7.99
Ham Club$7.99
Turkey Club$7.99
Grilled Chicken Club$7.99

Served with Garlic Bread
Spaghetti & Sauce$5.99
Spaghetti & Meatballs$6.99
Spaghetti & Veal$6.99
Spaghetti & Chicken$6.99
Ingredients - Catering Services in Manchester, NH
Steak & Cheese$8.49
Ham & Cheese$6.49
Veal Parmesan$6.49
Chicken Parmesan$6.49

Kids Meal $4.49
Age 12 and under
Hot Dog, Hamburger, Grill Cheese, Chicken Tender
Served with French Fries and Drink
Spaghetti & Sauce
Served with Garlic Bread and Drink
Side Orders
French Fries$2.49$3.49$5.99
Onion Rings$3.49$5.99
Clam Strips$11.99$14.99$25.99
Belly Clams$13.99$21.49$28.49
Dinner sized Coleslaw$.99
Piece of Fish$12.49
Fried Mushroom$4.99
Fried Cauliflower$4.99
Fried Tomato$4.99
Fried Pickles$4.99
Mozzarella Sticks$4.99
Soup of the Day$3.99
Chowder of the Day$4.29
Bowl of Chili$4.49
Greek Salad$5.49
Add Grilled chicken$3.00
Add Tuna$2.00